Error code 0X80070005 generally occurs for the Windows users. This Error code 0X80070005 is general but cannot be ignored. Ignoring the Error code 0X80070005 results in system slow down or even crash of the Windows. You cannot even access your apps. To fix the Error code 0X80070005 here are the set of solutions:

Error code 0X80070005

Solution 1 to fix Error code 0X80070005

  • The first very basic solution to fix the error code is to switch user account with the Administrator account. We can say that an administrator is a user who is allowed to make changes on the computer and changes will influence other users of the PC.
  • If you switch to Administrator account you do have access to do configure security settings, manage software, hardware and all files on the computer and make changes to other users.
  • In most of the cases, the administrator account is password protected. So knowing the login credentials is mandatory to do required changes into the Administrator account. Now to fix the issue is to first restart the computer. Then login to the Administrator account.
  • There is an option which you can follow if you do not want to restart the computer but still want to switch tot he administrator account from the user account. So to proceed further click on the start button and select the control panel. There you will see the option User account. to open it, click here.
  • You can see all user accounts on the User Accounts window, and then please select the one that represents your user account. Go ahead and click “Change the account type” and enter the password if required. In the final step to fix the code is to log out from your Windows and then log in back. Now you will have all the rights to all operations as an administrator account. Then you can try installing Windows updates now.

Solution 2 to fix the Error code 0X80070005

  • There are chances that there are some malware or virus into your computer. So scan for the malware and viruses. Also check that if ay anti-malware you had already installed into the computer, that should be updated.
  • In case you don’t have any installed antimalware. then don’t panic. As you can use Microsoft Safety Scanner which is freeware and can be used to scan the system for computer viruses and malware. As this software is not fully equipped with the all required functions of Anti-malware, But it still can provide real-time protection against virus, it can be used manually on a PC and scan computer which contains any potential infection.
  • To download this free tool from Microsoft, go to the Microsoft website and from there Download Microsoft Safety Scanner from Microsoft website and get it installed on your computer following its installation instructions. Make sure you add a shortcut of Safety Scanner on the desktop.
  • Now to open the installed Microsoft Safety Scanner, double-click on shortcut icon on your desktop. Now it will get started. when the scanner windows open click “Scan Type” and “Full Scan” in sequence and continue to click “Next”.
  • Now its the Microsoft Safety Scanner job to do the scan for malware threats. The Microsoft Safety Scanner will start the scanning process and you need to wait for it to complete. This process may take some time and after the scan is done, you can remove all detected viruses or malware entries. Restart the computer and try again to run Windows Update.

Solution 3 to fix the Error code 0X80070005

  • Another method to fix the error code is to first fix the network errors. This generally happens in the shared network. So to fix this you need to alter sharing permissions of the folder.
  • To proceed further open the shared folder into your computer. To view its properties please do the right click on the shared folder icon. You will see the security tab. Click on the Security tab and select “Add” and “Advance”.
  • Now to move further please click on the option “Find now” and wait for a while and then choose “Everyone”. Now click OK. This will give confirmation tot he done settings. After this close the window. Now this folder will be shared with everyone who is using the shared network.

Solution 4 to fix the Error code 0X80070005

Microsoft ever-changing and modifying the existing features makes it most popular among the users. Microsoft always eager to improve features and apps thus improving the user experience by this. But sometimes users also complained about not meeting expectations.

Non-meeting the expectations also result in the error code 0x80070005 occurs in the app store. Users will face this error generally in the app store. When users are using the windows and in-app store, they see the message “Something happened and this app couldn’t be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80070005”

This error stops the windows update and app failures. But we see that Windows Update service works smoothly on your computer when you encounter the issue in the app store. Thus the most possible reason is that there is something wrong with accessing the folder that stores apps. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to fix this:

  • First of all please open the Run command. You can do this when you press windows key together with R key. Type C:\Users\ \AppData\Local in the searching box. Now you can replace with user account name and C with the drive that installs Windows.
  • When you do this the local folder will open. In the local folder please locate the packages folder from the scrollbar. After location, the packages folder, right click on it and go into the properties.
  • There allow the permission to everyone in the usernames as full control and click “Advanced” button. A pop-up window will open. In this pop-up window please give all permission to all users. If not, click Add.
  • After this, you will see a new window will open. There click Select a Principal and enter Users in Select User or Group Box and click Check names. Then you can check Full control in Basic Permissions Section.
  • In the final step click OK and Apply to save changes and restart the computer to make these changes take effect. When these operations complete, you’ll be able to update any apps in Windows Store.

Solution 5 To fix the Error code 0X80070005

-First of all, to fix the error code you must know the cause of the issue. When you are updating the office 2013 or office 365, this error code appears. This message generally appears as “We’re sorry, something went wrong and we can’t do this for you right now. Please try again later. (0x80070005)”.

You will see that error may happen to all versions of Microsoft Office 360 and 2013 (Personal, Student, Pro, Home, and Business version). Please refer below-mentioned steps to fix the error code:

  • In this method first, activate the office as an administrator. So first thing comes first. First, close all the running programs. Now restart the computer. Open the Start menu. From there press the “Windows” key from the keyboard. You can also move the mouse to the upper-right corner of the screen to open the charm bar and click Search.
  • In next step please type the program name as “Word 2013” in the search box and you can see the application icon on the searching result. Now right click on the word 2013 icon and choose Run as administrator.
  • Now follow further steps to activate Office.

Solution 6 To fix the Error code 0X80070005

  • If the above method does do not fix the issue and s=you still seeing the error code then first open the control panel. Now move further and Press key combination Windows logo key and “R” to open the Run window. There Type the command “control” and press “Enter”.
  • In the second step please Select Programs and click “Programs and Features” on next interface. Now scroll down for further options. There locate the  Office and right-click it to select Change. Next, choose “Quick Repair” and click the “Repair” button.
  • When you see that the repairing process completes, MS Office will be working without a problem. If the issue still exists, you’ll need to uninstall Office and install the program once again.

Solution 7 To fix the Error code 0X80070005

IN this method you need to change the partition of a computer’s HDD/SSD that Windows is installed on. IN most of the cases the location is usually driven C. In these cases you can change the download location. Which results in error resolution. So change the download location to the default. But in fact windows does not have an option that gives permission to the users to change the default download location of apps, so you are going to have to use the Registry Editor to do so.

So move further and use this method. All you have to do is to Press the Windows Logo key + R, if you need to open the Run command. Now Type regedit into the Run dialog. After this press Enter to launch the Registry Editor. You will find Registry Editor in the left pane. Now navigate to the following directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion

Now open the registry key titled Appx under CurrentVersion in the left pane and take ownership of it. After this select the left pane of the Registry Editor to have its contents displayed in the right pane. Now double click on PackageRoot to edit. Replace in the registry value’s Value data: field with the directory where you want Windows Store apps to be installed. Then click on OK. Close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

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